With an intoxicating mix of mixed media techniques and African art, Mimi Maxaieie’s music video DÉJÀ-VU celebrates the surreal rollercoaster ride of emotions that the early stages of falling in love entail.

The Afro-German music scene has been in the starting blocks for years. Many artists use influences from African culture in their songs, but not in their visuals. Mimi has noticed that there is still room for improvement in the visuals of many Afro-German artists. The visuals are often simple and cheaply produced, as black artists are often still less supported by record labels than white artists.

For me, this meant that Afro-German musicians should catch up visually, especially now that white German artists are also playing with African influences in their music. The use of African influences is obvious if you are already doing this in your music. Moreover, depending on the concept, it can also be realised cheaply. With this problem as a starting point, the concept was born.

Talents: David Dickson & Rosabela Atieno 

Direction & Motion Design/VFX: Herminia Maxaieie
Editing: Lukas Wengorz
VFX Supervisor On Set: Joshua Grill
Director of Admissions Lena Könighofer
Make-Up Michelle Eder
DoP Clara Tille Berger
AC Florian Kant
AC Jakob Hipp
AC Hendrik Ströhle
Grip Philip Mallmann
Gaffer Philip Köhler
Best Boy Jan Hoydem
Lighting technician Benjamin Mergl
Lighting technician Max Beilmann