Mimi Maxaieie is an art director focused on moving image and motion design.

With her keen interest in pop culture, she develops visual systems in music, brand & advertising

With her strength in thinking in holistic and unconventional concepts, her focus is on cross-media brandings and campaigns. She especially likes to use her intuition for promising projects and her good eye for the strengths of her clients for POC-Driven-Brands and POC-Artists, which of course does not exclude others. Her experience of growing up with two cultures and growing up as a black woman in East Germany shaped her with experiences and influences that still influence her creative work today. 

She grew up in East Germany, where she trained as a design assistant. Later she moved to Ravensburg and Leipzig for a dual study in media design. Immediately afterwards she went to Stuttgart to study Motion Design at the FIlmakademie Baden-Württemberg.