The gitteSt

Glit, Glitter, The Glittest: Overwhelmed by the glitz and glamour of the consumer world, the young protagonist is confronted with the question of how to be responsible about her own consumption. The glittest also presents itself as a mixed media project with y2k branding on social media and in a magazine.

Direction Rebecca Zahor 
Script: Lane Dabringhausen 
Voices: Julia Müller, Samuel Gheist 
Motion Design: Herminia Maxaieie, Rebecca Zahor, Chantale Eglin 
Motion Typist: Samuel Lewek 
Director of Photography: Clara Tille Berger 
Music: Philipp Lust 
Sounddesign: Frederic Hellmann, Philipp Lust 
Graphic Design & Social Media: Nina Lenz